The Originals... Oversized mufflers featuring 220° full coverage, full length head pipe heat shields that virtually eliminate bluing for new looking, show quality pipes for many years to come.

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  1. These amazing pipes came installed on my (used) Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad FI 2003, but the previous owner hadn’t installed the Electronic Fuel Controller, which is the first thing I did, after changing the air filter to K&N and doing a whole tune-up. I got the bike 2 years ago at 47k km and I now have over 69k and I just love the sound and the power I get from this amazing mix of machine and after market components. The combination of V&H technology and the EFI’s mapping get me the street cruising sound levels up to average RMP and when you get on the highway and twist that throttle to get the hunk of steel rolling , then the engine, exhaust and EFI combo just roarrrrs up to life.

    Thanks V&H for developing this pipe, and thanks also for the extra long heat shield.

    I do have a question, when I got the bike the heat shield at light yellowing on it, it never turned to blue, but I can’t get rid of that yellow tint after trying many supposedly miracle chrome products . What options are available to me? What product should I use? Do you think I can bring them back to full chrome?

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1999-2004 CRUISER





21172 – Jet Kit

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